Racer to Eventer

So as we know Jerry made his reappearance eventing last weekend. He'd been lame on and off front and behind, so obviously it was important for me to make sure that he had the beat rehab possible for after the event.
Having looked at multiple options for cool boots I settled on
ice chaps as seen in
My Horse Box
Box and bought from
. Not only for their use for at competitions but also for the fact that they can also be used over knees and hocks in the event of a field injury.
The chaps came ready soaked in the charging fluid and were super easy to use. For me it was important they they could be used immediately. So I was able to pull these on as soon as his xc boots had been removed and we were still washing him down.
Pleased to say that his legs felt great after we had travelled home and that he trotted up the following day full of life.
These chaps come in a resealable packet and require 25ml of the fluid to recharge. But you then squeeze out any excess fluid before use. I love the fact that they are reusable and not bulky on him or to pack.