How it works

Equi-N-icE works by drawing heat out as opposed to other products that work on driving cold in. Equi-N-icE requires no refrigeration, is not messy, needs no mixing and has no unpleasant smells.

Before and after application of bandage

The treated area will drop by 10-15°C and stay that way for up to 2-3 hours. Once used the Equi-N-icE Bandage can be washed and reused by adding enough ready mixed Coolant to make the Ice bandage damp and replace in the re-sealable pouch until needed again.

Optimum temperature reduction of the body after work and the dissipation of heat from tendons & joints has long been a challenge for trainers. The solution – an incredible product that can be used with ease and safety by all yard staff.

Equi-N-icE has revolutionised the cooling of horses with a simplicity and efficiency rarely found. Equi-N-icE acts by a process of rapid evaporation giving the effect of a cooling skin balm.

Equiplus has used this technology to produce two core products: the Cooling Bandage for horses and the Rapid Cooler Rug.

The Coolant is supplied in correct concentration for direct application for ease of use and it is non irritant to skin.

  • Equi-N-icE draws heat away from the surface of the skin as opposed to driving cold in as in the case of ice packs.
  • The skin is as much as 15 degrees cooler after the bandage or rug is removed.
  • The coolant contains a unique mixture of non irritating rapidly evaporating alcohols ideal for use on sensitive thoroughbred legs.
  • Cold and compression is well documented as the most effective way of treating inflammation, swelling and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Equi-N-icE forms a vital part of any yard’s First Aid box and now used by top vets and trainers to reduce recovery time.