Equi-N-icE Coolant 500ml

Equi-N-icE Coolant 500ml

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Equi-N-icE Coolant 500ml, for recharging Equi-N-icE Bandages, Ice Socks and Rapid Cooler Rugs.

  • Instant cooling – Equi-N-icE’s cooling properties work instantaneously, giving immediate relief
  • Reduces inflammation and bruising
  • Promotes healing and speeds up recovery
  • Quick and easy to apply even to awkward knees and hocks
  • No refrigeration needed, Equi-N-icE provides instant cooling straight from the packet
  • 500ml will recharge the bandage 6/7 times

Equi-N-icE Coolant lets you get repeated use from your Equi-N-icE cooling bandages, Ice Socks and rug. The coolant can be applied directly onto the bandage when it is on the horse or you can recharge your bandage or rug by replacing into the resealable pack and adding coolant.

This 500ml bottle of Equi-N-icE Coolant will provide 6/7 recharges of your Equi-N-icE Bandages, 8 recharges of a pair of Ice Socks or 2 recharges of your Equi-N-icE Cooling Rug. Each recharge will give up to 2 hours of cooling for the bandages and rug and about 20 minutes of cooling for the Ice Socks.

Upon application of the Equi-N-icE Reusable Cooling Bandage the temperature of the treated area will drop by 10 to 15°C within 20 minutes and the bandage will stay cold for up to two hours after application and can be safely used for as long as is needed.

To recharge your bandage

  • Remove the bandage, roll up and replace into resealable pouch
  • Add 80ml of recharge coolant
  • Seal the pouch and shake briefly
  • Your bandage is now ready for it’s next use

 Cold and compression is well documented as the most effective way of treating inflammation, swelling and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments for both preventative and remedial purposes.

Proven to reduce heat twice as efficiently as other cryo-therapies, Equi-N-icE works by drawing heat away from the affected area through a process of rapid evaporation, rather than forcing cold in as is the case with Ice Packs.

Designed to be applied directly to the horse's leg, Equi-N-icE provides a much more effective and safer alternative to Ice Packs and other techniques that allow extreme cold temperatures to come into contact with the leg and can cause pain or damage to the injured tissue.